Inner spaces

Skyway Mont Blanc

Skyway Mont Blanc
You have accepted the challenge of climbing the great mountain,
right up to where you can see forever.
Incomparable scenery just waiting to be discovered, living nature to encounter, a sky for the walking. Skyway Monte Bianco is not just a cable car.
Get ready.
On your return to the valley you will not be the same.
You are about to become a Skynaut.

Courmayeur – The Valley
Even if you can’t see it, the threshold is here.
One more step and you leave everything behind you.
Here yuo will not be a simple visitor.
This is the start of an unforgettable adventure.

Pavillon – The Mountain
Meeting the mountain, learning to recognise its secrets
while respecting it: this is the second step to becoming a
Skynaut. Being an explorer.

Punta Helbronner – The Sky
The air up here is rarefied and it changes you. It makes you lighter.
In this beauty, inside you, a pilgrin is reborn.
Now you can walk in the sky.