Crystal’s Sanctuary

An awakening experience

In my life I’ve had experiences on the border between life and death. Experiences that opened doors to perception, projecting in other ecstatic dimensions. Experiences that profoundly transformed my consciousness and unclosed doors towards the profoundness of the being.

It had been snowing for the entire week and with some friends, lovers of the off piste, I was ready to face slopes that were still untouched. The sun was shining and numerous crows were flying above us, we were at the top of the slope that goes along l’Aiguille du Midi. Their squawk had caught my attention: too much time I had been with the Native Americans to not identify that sound as a
powerful messenger. But more important was the descent, it was fantastic. Satisfied, I would’ve gone back home; but a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do one more , one that I had never done before. A voice inside my head was telling me not to go, but my
attraction to the white powder was tempting. I still remember today clearly hearing, once in the cable car, that I was behaving against my own will. Once started the descent we found ourselves in a tight and very steep couloir, surrounded by rocks, behind which it was only emptiness and ice: I begin to be freighted, but how could I turn back? I was used to ski with a reliable mountain guide, that knew well my limits and in necessary cases he would securely tie me, but in that moment no-one seemed to notice my hesitation. I moved sideways with my skins for a few meters and I asked to the skilled guide choose by my friends to tie me up. I was on an icy slope with an inclination grater then 50 degrees. Whilst turning to grab the rope and pass it in to the carabiner, my skis touched the rock and my own weight starts to pull me in to the void.
Without gravity I was quickly floating towards a blinding light, I could feel something hitting my body, but I couldn’t feel any pain. A perception linked to other lives had awaken, as if I already had that freedom. I could feel the mountain in its essence and for the first time it was not detached from myself. The world and the universe had become a single totality with my being. I could look beyond and very far away I could recognise my fear, but it didn’t belong to me. Also my emotions were living in a dream separated from the real being. There was nothing I could do: everything was preordered in a different dimension. In this beatitude that was only infinity and time belonging to a dream. Comparison didn’t exist. I felt as a computer chip filled with universal knowledge that was bypassing my mind, with no reason. The light was regenerating my cells, they were glowing. Suddenly my sight was back, I could see from above, a small snow terrace before the abyss on the glacier. My skis landed on snow and magically someone was able to stop them.
It has been an odd sensation of my aching body, I was trembling, shocked. I would’ve gone back floating in the air for eternity, but I could hear far away the voice of my friends that were soon coming to save me. I wasn’t able to formulate a thought. My mind was still.
I was living in an absolute void, the only unpleasant feeling was the one of being contrived again in to a sensible body. This experience made me conscious of the inestimable value of life, and of its opportunities. It has opened a portal of a multidimensional

“Happiness is my life, this life has been give to me numerous times, surviving has given me the consciousness that life is what we have, all at our own disposition”
Reinhold Messner

The lure of the reawaken soul brought me to examine in depth my inner soul searching. In the fall I was brought to a reign made by luminous spheres where communication was instant, totally clear, cosmic waves overwhelmed me giving me a new intensity of pure love. Language was transcended, I perceived being an inseparable part of the immensity, in a fusion of knowledge that were instantly absorbed by my being, as food for the Gods. In the following months, meditation had become a daily necessity. I would transmit intuitively dialogs with the teachers of the Fratellanza Bianca. They were moments of great intensity, doors were opening up to a fifth dimension, the one of their Crystal Sanctuary inside the Mont Blanc, made to transmit the ancient knowledge enclosed in the quartz crystals of the Sacred Mountain.
This intuitive dialogue it’s now part of my own being and even thought years have gone by I felt the need to communicate it only now, in January 2017.