Crystal’s Sanctuary

The lure of the reawaken soul brought me to examine in depth my inner soul searching. In the fall I was brought to a reign made by luminous spheres where communication was instant, totally clear, cosmic waves overwhelmed me giving me a new intensity of pure love. Language was transcended, I perceived being an inseparable part of the immensity, in a fusion of knowledge that were instantly absorbed by my being, as food for the Gods. In the following months, meditation had become a daily necessity. I would transmit intuitively dialogs with the teachers of the Fratellanza Bianca. They were moments of great intensity, doors were opening up to a fifth dimension, the one of their Crystal Sanctuary inside the Mont Blanc, made to transmit the ancient knowledge enclosed in the quartz crystals of the Sacred Mountain.
This intuitive dialogue it’s now part of my own being and even thought years have gone by I felt the need to communicate it only now, in January 2017.

    An awakening experience
    In my life I’ve had experiences on the border between life and death. Experiences that opened doors to perception, projecting in other ecstatic dimensions. Experiences that profoundly transformed my consciousness and unclosed doors towards the profoundness of the being. It had been snowing for the entire week and with some...