Inner spaces

The philosophy of the snowflake

When you live in the mountains you spend magical evenings looking at cold water drops that freezing descend in the shape of ice crystals. Sometimes they melt when touching the ground, other times they accumulate changing the landscape covering it in a white blanket. They are magical. Two alike don’t exist, as with human beings. Their strength is their bond, millions of it create stretches of snow where we can have fun sledging, skiing, skating or we can watch unarmed its transformation in to the destructive force of an avalanche. As what for thousands of years did our armies, our religions, invading and killing other cultures.
Today our sophisticated mind has created bombs to destroy quicker, but we are not able to contain an avalanche. It’s a strength that controls us. We still cannot manipulate time and mass made out of millions of ice crystals, mass that has the power to immobilise airports, cites and immense territories.
Computers can predict storms but cannot neutralise them. The force of nature looms us.