23 – 25 JUNE / 2017
Experiential seminar of Solare activation and initiation with the Fratellanza Bianca of the Mont Blanc.

“An experience of contact with our Internal Christ and the Grande Fratellanza Bianca, accompanied by the Extraterrestrial Guides that always assist us”.

L.F. Mostajo Maertens
Anna Poles

Various years have gone by since 2012, the year in which the Ancient Teachers of the Fratellanza Bianca called us to enter in contact with their magical telluric net of the Alps. Finally we are achieving to gather, to remember, to expand our knowledge and take one step further towards our awaken.

It’s certain that the Interior System stabilised in the entire area, materialising Interior Rituals, from the Matterhorn to the Mont Blanc, where it is physically and vibrationally situated the Ascendent Temple of Crystals.

Contatto con il Sacro Tempio dei cristalli

This meeting on the Mont Blanc will allow us to connect with the luminous centre of our heart and with the same magic and intensity to enter in communication with the ancient Teachers and the Extraterrestrial Guides; during the three days of the seminar we will relate to Them, telepathically, spiritually and physically. We will wait for precise clues for a planned meeting with them and their spaceships.

It will be an extraordinary opportunity to live an incredible initiating adventure and close up meetings with the beings
that have always been assisting us!

The Mont Blanc is a Sacred Mountain extended 4810 meter towards the sky. We will venture with Luis Fernando and Anna in the strength of a mountain that contains, in its quartz crystals, the mysteries of the planet earth and of the ancient Lemuria. We will listen to the song of the glaciers and we will venture in to the magic of the valleys and the enchanted forests. We’re waiting for you to share moments that will remain carved in to our hearts and that will open doors where the ascended teachers of the Fratellanza Bianca resign.


Friday 23rd June
10.00 am
Meet in front of the entrance of the megalithic area od San Martin of Orleans – Corso Saint Martin de Corleans, 258 11100 Aosta

Il museo, visita guidata con un archeologo.

The exhibition itinerary of the megaliti area of Saint-Martin de-Corléans begins with a temporal descent from contemporary current time to prehistory: along a path studded with images referring to the human history, the planks from the entrance to the museum take the visitor to the real level of the archeological site, a sanctuary from 6000 years ago, probably even older with an extraordinary energetic power.

Here the sight opens up to a grand space: the aimed effect is the one of a visual emotional compression of the whole, looked at as a monumental complex, modulated by the lighting that gradually changes according to the different hours of the day.

Going through the dimension of time, the tones of the light colour the atmosphere that surrounds the archeological finds, the dolmen, the dejected stele, the platforms, the traces of the ploughings. The view is a continuous overlook on the archeological site, a sort of constant dialogue “internalmuseum / eternal- site”. Explanations, detailed studies, and interpretations are available on the didactical and multimedia apparatuses.

During the museum itinerary we will do some Psychometrics exercises, discovering the true story of the sacred mountain.

Contact and integration with the 5 elements of nature.

Shuttle or car towards Courmayeur – Val Ferret and lunch at Glorianda’s the ancient cabins (1700)

Ore 15:30
Reshaping practice of our bodies modifying our atomic structure in a new photonic structure connected with the planet’s biological clock.

Walk along the river
17,30 return to the hotel in Courmayeur

Vegetarian dinner at L’Etoile in Courmayeur

Open fire and first practice of contact with the Fratelli Maggiori dello Spazio Confederato.


Shuttle and car departure towards Entreves where with the SKYWAY cable car we will reach the Pavillion and Punta Helbronner 3.462 m.- just in front of the Mont Blanc.

… an emotional present that will make us live an unforgettable experience on the roof of Europe through a 360 degree journey on the new and spectacular cable car of the Mont Blanc.
Crystals museum visit.

First contact with the Mastri della Fratellanza Bianca that resign in the Mont Blanc and the high solar consciousness.

Lunch with vegetarian sandwiches, descent and visit at the botanical garden Saussurea.

Deep relations and meditation

Return to the hotel
19:00 – vegetarian dinner at cena Etoile

Second contact with the Extraterrestrial Guides in Val Veny.


shuttle and cars towards the Val Veny at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Harmonisation, meditation, and contact with our interiore christ.

Attivati and Solar initiation

Vegetarian lunch at La Grolla, one of the best restaurants in Courmayeur.

Walk in the woods of Freney.

Closing ceremony with chain of planetary irradiation.

Goodbyes back at the hotel.

Along the three days informations on the interiorisation techniques, mantric keys and the conscious management of the energies will be shared. These informations are donated by the Maestri della Fratellanza Bianca and the Guide Extraterrestri.

It’s possible to reach Courmayeur on Thursday night and stay at the Hotel Courmayeur on a discounted price. A dinner will be organised with LF and Anna.

It is preferable to wear warm wool clothes for the evening and for the excursion at 3.800 metres, comfortable shoes to walk in, and a wind coat.
The times of the schedule can vary.

For any enquires please contact Glorianda, she’ll be happy to help. (she can speak italian, english and french)
cell: 0039 335 599 43 91
mail: gloriandalove@yahoo.it